"Having Faye with me opened up a whole new way of choosing outfits. I tried on clothes and colours that I would have not considered before and the result was great. I now make an effort every day instead of putting the same old things on."


"I contacted Faye for help with a black tie event. I am very petite and find it hard to find anything that fits well. She picked out the perfect dress first time! I felt comfortable, elegant and had many compliments. Faye was a pleasure to work with, she puts you at ease and has a professional eye for picking things that suit you. Thank you Faye,  I can't wait for you to come and give my wardrobe a workout!"


"I had a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear... Faye gave my wardrobe a workout; teaching me what style clothes I suited and how to show off my best features. She coordinated outfits that I'd never thought of, giving me a whole new wardrobe without buying any more clothes! In fact, Faye sensitively edited my hoards of clothes so that I could see what I had. A great experience that I would highly recommend to anyone overwhelmed by their rails."