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Before personal styling much of my career has been spent in the design, marketing and communications fields. During this time I've presented to rooms full of people and boardrooms of company directors. I know how intimidating it can be to have all those eyes on you, especially when people will make assumptions about you within the first 2 minutes - presenting yourself at your best is critical.


I’ve always had a passion for clothes and styling, and spent time working in the fashion industry in Vancouver, Canada. After years of being the 'go to' person for style advice amongst my friends and family I decided to start my own business to help real women feel and look their best. 


I've trained at the London College of Fashion, with the internationally renowned Polly Holman. Now I spend my time helping real people discover that personal style isn’t about wearing designer labels or being head to toe in the latest fashions, it’s about feeling confident and happy that you are presenting the best version of YOU.