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Updated: Jan 23, 2018

If like me, you love a shirt or anything with a collar, then you may already own a 'collar bib' or 'fake collar', as I prefer to call them. If you don't, then I suggest you read on!

These little beauties are amazing for transforming an outfit or quite an ordinary jumper into something lovely. Often when you try to wear a blouse or shirt under a jumper, it ruffles and wrinkles up underneath, making it both uncomfortable and not as stylish as you might like. This is exactly why the fake collar is perfect.

You can buy plain collars in lots of different colours, my favourites are white and denim, and you can get them embellished with jewels, pearls and other bits of bling.

Here's a selection of some of the best:

This is a collar from Buttons & Dote https://buttonsanddote.com

I love their collars as they have the great little underarm straps you can see in the picture, which means the collar stays where it should be!

They're mostly all £22 - a bargain way of updating an older jumper or dress.

This next one is from River Island https://www.riverisland.com/search?keyword=collar%20bib, they have a few to choose from and tend to be less embellished. Which makes them a bit cheaper - £12-14. But they don't have the magic straps!

And finally, check out the options at COS https://www.cosstores.com. A bit more pricey (£29 ish) but they have several lovely white collar options which could smarten up any outfit.

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